Boobies & Kittens-can make anyone feel better.

my friend thought this was Shakira…I got offended, can you blame me?

Mummy! DAY 1 OF HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! I fullfiled my mummy costume!

Mummy! DAY 1 OF HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! I fullfiled my mummy costume!

what! revelation, wowzers.

so I just got a friend request on Facebook from this dude who I went to school with from back home-oh way back when.

And I had an immediate flashback to when I had a conversation with him about smoking and how I didn’t like that he was smoking. I ragged on him like a fucking mother! And now I’m looking at this going, my ass smokes, drinks, gets hi…what the fuck was I thinking!

I suppose I had a revelation about how much I’ve changed. I’ve went from “Oh I’ll get drunk, no I won’t be naked to.” “Freedom bitches!”

I love college. Thank you for changing my sad little life. I love how I am not what I used to be, I love how I can go weeks/months without shaving my cooch, armpits, legs and not give a shit. I love that I choose to not straighten my hair all the damn time. I love how I can wear whatever and say fuck you all who don’t like my un-generic outfit. I love how I can roll in the grass, do tai chi in the grass, smoke grass on the grass and not give a fuck. Life is too beautiful, too short too everything to be uptight, bound and sad and contrained. Art is life. Live it!

Done ranting now. You may go on with your lives, thank you.