old betches? naw man, we ain’t that young-


we were hangin with some folk slightly older than us. Between the ages of 25-30, dudes were fine…but the females not so much. “Older” females tend to be not so welcoming, they like to play that “Oh I’m older and I don’t party anymore so I’m gonna judge your young drunk ass because I feel insecure”

There’s no harm in enjoying life and having some fun-age is something one shouldn’t use to segregate folks. I’ve always hung with my ma and her friends who are 40+, old cats who lived with record players and not having tvs etc. I mean who has time to dig up the energy to mentally and physically seperate yourself from a couple of young drunk folk having a good time just because you feel so strongly to do so because you’re soooo much older.

I just remember one chic was like “Ohyeah I remember seeing the Fugees 1999- live in concert-“

I went, “Ah man lucky!”

and she goes “How old were you like 2?”

"Nah son I was 8." DamnI know I look young but I vividly remember Clinton, the Rugrats, Beavis & Butthead, when MTV was all bout music videos, old South Park, old Simpsons, great things man.   

Why do we have to be so catty to each other?

A Woman changing her Sexual Orientation at an All Female College-is it right to kick her out if she does that?

An issue at our school that has recently popped is that Hollins University is an all female campus. Some females who come here find themselves and in doing so, realize that they want to change their sex (that check off box that says are you: female, male). That includes the use of hormones, surgery etc (also some request to use mens bathrooms & etc). But our policy is that we do not allow men here. HOWEVER men can attend here, take classes, be graduate students here but they cannot graduate from here. So if one were to change their sex they would have to leave, transfer OR wait til they graduate before changing their sex (the “No Men” thing is included in our mission statement).

As a free spirit who hates rules (and also the fact that this institution is so strict) I’m okay with a female changing her sex and still going here and graduating with the rest of us. I feel that it’s not right to tell someone that they can’t otherwise they’ll get kicked out.

This policy is being alerted to the students so that the board can get their opinion about it-in other words, this part of the mission statement might or might not be changed based on how the students respond to it (but in all honesty I doubt they really care, whole other can of worms…)-

How do people feel about this?