Red Forman: on the word Ass and DumbAss

red forman

oh good all the half wits are here.

I want you to know that I’m going to get you. You won’t know where, you won’t know when but it is going to hurt. You will cry and I will laugh…oh and did I mention it would hurt?

Bob: “if I had a mistletoe I’d kiss you”

Red: “if I had mistelfoot it’d be in your ass”

jeidi Dumbass.

…and I’m about to sleepkick your ass.

This table is standing between my foot and your ass.

I want you like your keen eye to watch my sure foot kick your smartass.

You morons just hung vacancy signs on your ass and my foot is looking for a room.

I will kick your ass so hard, your nose will bleed!

Foots and asses!

How would you like to own a little bit of my foot in your ass.

You know we could call in a specialist to find my foot in your ass.

My foot about to drill a hole in your ass.

And I was thinkin I could turn your ass into my foot studio…

How about I drive my foot into this thing you call your ass.

if I was a younger more flezible man, I’d shove my own foot up my ass.

Kelso: “Oh it’s just a classic case of vase on hand.”

Red: “…well get it off or you’ll have a classic case of foot up ass.”

I wish I had 2000 feet so I can put 500 of them each one of your asses.

You know I ought to vandalize your ass with my foot.

sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs put their foots up your ass.

and you’re about to read a book my foot wrote…its called on the road into your ass.

may I suggest the footing of your ass?

my foot is shaking I wanna kick his ass so bad!

I want you know that when I die, I will be face down so for all of you who didn’t like me can kiss my ass.

you fire that gun in this car I will pull over and kick your ass for an hour.

and then I’ll light my foot up in your ass.

you know what else is hot, my foot in your ass.

and my foot will be 9/10s up in your ass.

Anyone got anymore?

for my stupidass brother who didn’t do his summer homework assignment (as a freshman in high school) and isn’t ready for school. Dumbass.

Bad Music Taste, Hornyness, my dumbass brother…Happy Thirsty Thursday and Wilfred Night!

So…alot of my dear college friends who I sit with, conversate with and enjoy such company listen to the shit-tiest music in the history of music. Namely: Beyonce, Nicki, Wayne, etc. It’s bad. So everytime they mention it I get real quiet-always wantin to say somthin but ya know, sometimes just gotta let them have that…Ness. As long as I ain’t got to listen to it I’m ite.

Anywho…today in chic-land I fixed up my room to the partyhouse that it needs to be. After going job hunting and desperately desiring to rape the dude who worked at Spencers-I realized just how fucked I am. This needs to be taken care of. Soon preferably. That means: “Let’s Go Dick Hunting!”


Oh and to my dumbass brother who didn’t do his summer homework assignment (as an incoming freshman in high school?), doesn’t have any school supplies and it’s Sep 1st, and doesn’t have money for food or anything cause his dad is in Morrocco and won’t tell our ma- YOU’RE A FUCKIN DUMBASS. Somebody’s gonna get his balls shot off if shit don’t change soon…dumbasss.