Dear Hollins-keep yo bitches in check

…cause sometimes yo bitches piss me off…and friends

So after Mayfest (that we only attended for like 2 songs because the music was loud and lets face it-we just wanted to drink), and dancing and drinking, we went to a party at the Apartments cause they were apparently “throwing down” (NOOOOTT). Okay so we met the band from Mayfest and as we’re standing there talking to um, this Short, Blondehaired little tyke of a whore walks through us without saying excuse me quite rudely and as she exits the backyard I say

"You could say excuse me it is in the dictionary" (I was drunk please don’t judge that statement)

After that we go about the rest of the conversation. And then she comes by Again but PURPOSEFULLY pushes through us almost steppin on my foot (now if the bitch hada donna that…shit woulda been poppin). So I said again,

"You could say excuse me. You got manners right?"

And as she switchin her Short Blondehaired little tyke of a whore ass into the apartment she goes “It’s my party I can do what I want!” And struts off.

A friend of mine (who may I mention is a scorp-as a fellow scorp I understand we don’t take shit lightly. Bitch really wanna get a beatdown for being rude-Oh did I mention we were drunk…like Darunk) flipped a shit and was like “Let her ass come back out here. I will punch her. Let her do that shit again. No I am waiting for her to come back out here and do it” Oh when you get one started, man I was ready I was like yeahyeah oh I’m ready for this I’m whichya son.

Now lookey here, I can understand if you’re drunk people do dumbshit. But she wasn’t. Oh and she’s a pearl chic. Oh and a Rider, majority of the Riders at Hollins have a horrible reputation of being rude, stuckup little prissy chics and they uphold that Reputation very well. Something as simple as an “excuse me” is not that difficult to say but don’t be outwardly rude. Sorry I’m still really heated and in all honesty I wanna kick her in her pupils. Yes I said pupils.

Damn Hollins, get yo shit right. 

fate has mysterious ways…

So initially I was really excited to live with my friend and her current roomate…because I’m getting to be ok with her crazyass-attention desperate-roomate. Except that circumstance doesn’t work like that…so I’m now rooming with two friends of mine who are both really dope, both Tarueans, both crazy ass all hell but on different levels-but folk I can really chill with and not give to fucks bout anything. Both of them are very carefree and fun…so guess what. I’m more happy to be living with them. It’s weird-fate awoken when my friend (the one I was gonna room with) and her roomate both kinda just got on my nerves. Ya know it happens. Those moments when you really just don’t wanna deal with a nigga.

I gotta say-the way shit happens…sometimes it surprises me at how well things can really work out.

I’m really fuckin happy about that…today’s just been a good day. Holi is a great moment to wash everything off, throw shit at friends, eat and feel good. I mean just Feel Good.

Celebrating Holi at Hollins!!!!!!!!


okokok I give.

Change happens, for the better or worse as they say.

With that being said; Hollins Chics rock.

-being able to not give two shits and have a good amount of female empowerment and be fully aware of how much we say ‘suck it’ to the social norms. Loves man. dees ees great feeling.





yeuh pretty much son

yeuh pretty much son

when do we get a break?

So I’m having an issue with getting a loan because Sallie Mae won’t let my mother cosign, my father’s too sick/in the shits/poor to be able to fill in as my cosigner.

Yet another Issue I have to go through before I reach senior year, the last fucking year and of course there’s a complication. I’m scared. I’m scared of just being another number, minority, female, useless person on campus thrown out because of financial issues. It’s happened to some of the people that I know; the really fucked up thing is, I know ”some” females who didn’t go to class, who barely passed some of their courses and yet they weren’t/haven’t been kicked out. I know I’m pulling out the race card but I’m poor, I don’t give to the campus besides my little events, I’m not a face-a rich face on campus so what does it matter if they throw me to the curb?

It’s simple: I just want to graduate. I want to leave Hollins with piece of paper that says “I can do This” because that’s all the little paper is. It’s not used for anyting. 

MY question is, when do we get a break? When do the poor kids, the minorities, the unrecognized young folk who aren’t the singular/lucky ones in the news awarded with grants/scholarships, when do we get a break? I’m tired of having to make a break for myself and being scared that I can lose what I worked for quick as anything because that’s how life is. Is it not good enough that I left high school and got into college not pregnant, with an okay GPA, ambitions and dreams, a good head on my shoulders and no other serious complications? Is anything good enough.

Fuck the system, Fuck the government for not caring, Fuck the school for not Caring, Fuck eet…done rambling.   

old betches? naw man, we ain’t that young-


we were hangin with some folk slightly older than us. Between the ages of 25-30, dudes were fine…but the females not so much. “Older” females tend to be not so welcoming, they like to play that “Oh I’m older and I don’t party anymore so I’m gonna judge your young drunk ass because I feel insecure”

There’s no harm in enjoying life and having some fun-age is something one shouldn’t use to segregate folks. I’ve always hung with my ma and her friends who are 40+, old cats who lived with record players and not having tvs etc. I mean who has time to dig up the energy to mentally and physically seperate yourself from a couple of young drunk folk having a good time just because you feel so strongly to do so because you’re soooo much older.

I just remember one chic was like “Ohyeah I remember seeing the Fugees 1999- live in concert-“

I went, “Ah man lucky!”

and she goes “How old were you like 2?”

"Nah son I was 8." DamnI know I look young but I vividly remember Clinton, the Rugrats, Beavis & Butthead, when MTV was all bout music videos, old South Park, old Simpsons, great things man.   

Why do we have to be so catty to each other?

Dear Hollins,

Our love-hate relationship is pissing me off. Your campus is old, your students mostly great, your financial system flawed and your food obscelete.

I would like to go a semester without having Financial screws, banging against my ass as if I’d just been sued.

I would like to have a dinner-in which I don’t dispose of plates…and plates…and plates of “Food.” Couscous should not be mushy and taste like cotton balls, the chair should be stained with old fruit.

They say that college is great, a learning experience for all.

You bastards I’m going into debt! Until my old ass falls.

*Sometimes I wonder why the hell I decided to go to college and not get a job, or join the army or marines…what did we get ourselves into. This is a financial permanent regret. :(

All three years have taught me this: Gen Eds are bullshit because they have nothing to do with your major, learn how to avoid difficult professors (but if they’re the only ones that teach the class you need to fullfill your major requirement your fucked), Campus groups/clubs are weird, Laziness works to it’s full fullfillment, every semester that I’ve been here I’ve had a financial issue-which also stilts my ability to apply for housing, the folks who work here suck at helping or giving you answers, freshman 15 turned into freshman -15 because of how bad the food is (or maybe fresman 40 because all you can eat are fried foods), Artsy people Rock, fuck the rich bitches they always get everything, being Poor is hard, cheap food is a necessity, fuck the rich bitches with nice cars, maitanence sucks at fixing things, females are nuts, fuck Anal RAs who don’t understand that college is for drinking and smoking weed (& other drugs) and being stupid before we have to full grow up, workstudy is bullshit-minimum wage is bullshit, FUCK the government they don’t care about us, FUCK the financial system they don’t care about us unless we got money, FUCK…well FUCK.

Done ranting…happy almost Friday! 

Youtube made me skip class-I regret nothing…

"Hey Ash whatcha playin"

The random pics from parties that you find on your camera…

"wtfuck I didn’t take those!"

shit my friends say…

fuck traditions…I don’t care if Hollins ever went co-ed. Dammit, Males exist.

then again, this is coming from someone who could give two shits if the the fields flooded with tequila…would make my life!

response to Transgender issue at Hollins…again!
"I don’t think I will say, first because it’s not my place, and second because I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t matter because if he says he’s male, then he’s male, not more, not less. Anyway, I’d appreciate it if you could keep me posted on what’s going on as the policy discussions happen. Let me know if you have any other questions."
Nah I gotya. I didn’t ask (ie- nosyness) and wanted to know just for circumstantial use, so your discretion is much obliged. But seriously, in this day and age? It’s sad to say that Hollins is set in it’s old ways so much so. I hope ya’ll are more open (it pretty much seems like it) and stay that way; maybe we might develop a similarly open mentality. Who the hell knows. Thanks. I’ll keep you posted.   
response!; transgender issue at Hollins

yes I am posting this whole thing on tumblr-Rebellion!…no not really, almost

"The thing is that there are no policies. It’s new, and the first time we’ve had a trans student. We have trans alumnae, but they transitioned after graduating. So he does what he likes and stays out of awkward situations. He uses the men’s bathrooms, the dorm bathrooms, it’s not really a problem. I know not everyone wants him here, but other than isolated situations, it’s not too bad, and most people just don’t care."


Yeah this is the first time it’s become an issue. I don’t know why, but we’re so much more restricting and rule abiding over here and the Board feels that it would mess up the purpose of Hollins as an all female school.

fyi-a someone asked “What stage of transitioning was he?” You can answer this or not, I don’t think it matters. Derp.